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 Reflexology Certification


This Reflexology Certification Program is an advanced course for those wanting to practice Reflexology on a professional level. This 300 hour course is in compliance with the national standards set for Reflexology in this country. 

The course is broken down into 8 levels. The classes are taught on long weekends from Friday through Sunday. The certification program can be potentially completed in 1 year, however students can take up to two years to complete. Learning Reflexology is like nothing you have experienced before. You will be immersed in one of the most comprehensive Reflexology programs available today. This course will challenge and inspire you in more ways than one. You can take one or several levels or go for complete Certification. The levels are progressive and new students must start with Level I and proceed to their desired level, regardless of previous training (Cayce/Reilly School former or present students – please contact instructor for more details).

Students who complete the program and allotted coursework are eligible to sit for the American Reflexology Certification Board Exam. (ARCB) 

State certification laws vary – please consult your state licensing board for questions.


Below is a brief description of the 8 levels. Each morning of class will consist of lecture; lunch will be for 1 hour; the hands-on demonstration and practice will be in every class, each afternoon.  Topics of instruction will include….


Reflexology Theory

Reflexology History

Reflexology Practice

Anatomy & Physiology


Applied A&P & Pathology to Reflexology

Hand Reflexology

Ear Reflexology

Meridian Theory


Practice Management 


Level 1:       $375/425

 This is more than just an introduction to Reflexology. Students will learn a full routine to practice on friends and family. Focus will be on technique.


Level 2:    $375/425

Introduction to Body Systems: Students will learn another full routine in the class. The routine emphasizes the body systems and the location of the reflex areas associated with them.


Level 3:     $375/425

Emphasis of this class will be putting it all together. Students will be perfecting and combining hands-on techniques from previous levels. Lecture  portion of the class will be on  body system functions & pathologies.


Level 4:     $375/425

Introduction to Hands: Students will learn basic techniques to work the hands. Students will incorporate Hand Reflexology into their sessions exchanged in class. Lecture portion focuses on the major muscles of the lower leg and foot.


Level 5:      $375/425

 Hand Reflexology: Students will learn a full hand routine incorporating techniques from level 4, combining hand & foot reflexology. Students will draw hand maps to become more familiar with the location of the reflexes. Lecture will focus on anatomy of the forearm and hand.

Level 6:       $375/425

Integrated Reflexology: Students will get a small sampling of Ear Reflexology, Facial Reflexology & Meridian points on the feet and hands. 

Level 7:      $375/425

Review Weekend: Focus will be on perfecting all techniques for the hands and feet. Lecture will be an overall anatomy & physiology review of all previous levels preparing for Certification. Clinic day. Students will participate in our student clinic offering reflexology sessions to the public.

Level 8:     $500.00 

Spa Weekend and Certification: Students will participate in spa therapies, including hot stones and footcials. Students will also make their own foot scrubs and foot balms. Sample applications of Aromatherapy. Certification exam. Practical exam.


 Here are some things you need to study for the written final exam  Everything from the past 7 levels... History, Book Titles, Reflexes, Documentation, Body Systems, Terminology, Nerve Innervations, Foot & Leg Anatomy, Hand Anatomy, Pathology, etc. The exam consists of multiple choice, matching, true & false, fill in the blanks, labeling and coloring . A score of 75% is required to receive a certificate for Level 8.  There will be a 30 minute practical exam where students will be required to demonstrate Reflexology techniques on the instructor's feet. Instructor determines the proficiency of each student based on pressure, holding techniques, thumbwalking, fingerwalking, relaxation techniques & knowledge of the reflex points. Students will be rated in each technique using excellent, good, average, poor. An average score is needed to pass. After all documented sessions are complete, (you have up to 6 months to complete this after Level 8 ) students will be awarded a certificate from the school. 


Good Luck & Thank You for bringing Reflexology into the world ! kiss






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